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Hey there, Valentine!

I went into a bit of hibernation mode after the Christmas rush, but I think my body has recovered now that it’s the middle of February 😉 My daughter’s preschool is having their Valentine Party and it’s the first year she’s pretty excited about it, so I let her pick out what treats we would bring for the day. She picked these super sweet Valentine wafer cookies from Craft-o-Maniac:

Valentine Wafer Cookies

Aren’t they adorable?
All you need are:

That’s it! This gave us enough for her entire class and enough for me to take to work to share. I wish I would’ve taken pictures of our final product, but both of us were covered in candy melts and sprinkles – haha. It was a great time and my 3 year old is so excited to show her friends at school what she made! I’m pretty excited to show my co-workers what I made too, so it’s a win-win 😉